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Working Maven Grinder Project OOTB

I've been an avid Grinder user for nearly 11 years, using it on several WebApp projects (both backend and frontend) and at different companies. What I've enjoyed over many other frameworks is its flexibility to handle virtually any type of performance/load test because at its core is Java! It still holds up today and I frequently use Grinder as a baseline for evaluating other performance tools.

However, one thing that has vexed me over the years is the lack of a "simple" documentation for getting started. Granted, I've always figured it out eventually when I've had to re-invest time and energy seeing which sample script works with the latest version of Grinder, and deciphering which libraries have been deprecated. To counter this, I've published a "mavenized-grinder" project:

This is a sample working Grinder project that simply works OOTB. Basic requirements is Java 6+ (tested with Java 8) and Maven installed. Also take note that I primarily run from command-line and I've tested working on *nix based operating systems including OSX.

NOTE: This of course is a sample project that I intend to improve upon. Feedback is welcomed!