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Darren Ball
Hi All,
I know this has been discussed many times, but I am sort of unclear of how these are calculated.

I tested with a single test running for 30 seconds.

My single agent outputs the following statistics table in the in the log (only 1 test):

2015-11-05 20:16:35,624 INFO  i-4d37c394-4 thread-0 [ run-129 ]: shut down

2015-11-05 20:16:35,624 INFO  i-4d37c394-4 thread-0: finished 129 runs

2015-11-05 20:16:35,626 INFO  i-4d37c394-4 : STARTTIME: 2015-11-05 20:16:05.486000 UTC

2015-11-05 20:16:35,626 INFO  i-4d37c394-4 : ENDTIME: 2015-11-05 20:16:35.625000 UTC

2015-11-05 20:16:35,628 INFO  i-4d37c394-4 : elapsed time is 30061 ms

2015-11-05 20:16:35,628 INFO  i-4d37c394-4 : Final statistics for this process:

2015-11-05 20:16:35,636 INFO  i-4d37c394-4 : 

             Tests        Errors       Mean Test    Test Time    TPS          

                                       Time (ms)    Standard                  



Test 3       129          0            214.25       115.06       4.29          "test1"

Totals       129          0            214.25       115.06       4.29         

I would assume there should be some sort of correlation between this TPS with the individual test statistics gathered immediately after test completion on the console:

{"status":{"sample-count":48,"state":"Recording","description":"Collecting samples: 48"},"columns":["Tests","Errors","Mean Test Time (ms)","Test Time Standard Deviation (ms)","TPS","Peak TPS"],"tests":[{"test":3,"description":"test1","statistics":[129,0,214.24806201550388,115.06486414783834,2.743688453112704,8.0]}],"totals":[129,0,214.24806201550388,115.06486414783834,2.743688453112704,8.0]}

As you can see both test and totals are the same (1 test).  The Tests, Errors, Mean, Stddev are all inline with what is reported on the agent for this run.  TPS and Peak TPS are somewhat confusing at the moment, and a little clarity on how these were calculated would be great.

The agent is reporting 4.29 TPS for the total run.   The console is showing 2.74...

Any insight as to why these differ would be great.




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