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Recording Issue

Marimuthu, Venkatesh  (CTR)      A7IT



I am facing recording issue when trying to record the java applet.


·         Established the local host port to 8001 and tried to record but getting “failed to determine proxy destination” error message.


C:\Users\N97320>cd C:\Projects\Tools\grinder-3.11


C:\Projects\Tools\grinder-3.11>java -Xmx2G -cp lib\grinder.jar net.grinder.TCPPr

oxy -localPort 8001 -console -http >

10:11:09.851 [main] INFO : Initialising as an HTTP/HTTPS proxy with the paramete


   Request filters:    HTTPRequestFilter

   Response filters:   HTTPResponseFilter

   Local address:      localhost:8001

10:11:11.242 [main] INFO : Engine initialised, listening on port 8001

10:11:27.322 [main] ERROR: Failed to determine proxy destination.

Client opened connection but sent no bytes.



·         I tried with other default port numbers as well like 80, 8080 but couldn’t record it successfully getting the same error message.

·         And also the when I am trying to record the java applet initial download part hungs. But this is not happening when I am trying it manually.


Could you please let me know if there are any other port mappings/settings to be modified?


Thanks & Regards
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Re: Recording Issue

Looks like you might not have changed the browser's proxy.

Have you followed the exact steps in the link below for setting up browser's proxy..?