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Philip Aston-2
[cc'ing grinder-use]

Hi Marcus,

First try to import httplib from a simple Jython script (i.e.
independently of The Grinder).

- Phil

On 29/05/15 17:06, Marcus Uy wrote:

> Hi Philip,
> I hope this email doesn't trouble you too much, but I'm trying to
> implement some non-standard HTTP verbs like PROPFIND that are not part
> of the standard HTTPRequest in The Grinder.  I've managed to get
> things working in python using httplib, and would like to use it in
> The Grinder/Jython.
> The problem: When I add "import httplib" the script(s) stop working
> with a vague message about not being able to find my class.
> Jython exception: AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute
> 'webdav'
> I guess the requested object can't handle the httplib import and fails
> resulting in an invalid module without the attribute.
> Would you be able to tell me why httplib can't be imported and if
> there's any ways to do so?
> Thanks very much in advance!

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