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Is my idea works?

Ravi Kumar Maddi



         I am not good in grinder, I have 20 days experience. I have an idea, I want your help that my idea is feasible or not. If it feasible, please give me few steps how to do in brief. 

Even possible is it useful or not. Even useful, it work for all application without base code change.

1.     1.  I am implementing a web application, the purpose of Grinder Admin portal. Which having only two pages one is, Enter your configurations (home_url, username, password, relative path (which page I want to test. Ex: /home,)), no. of processes, no. of threads, no. of runs).
2.       After it will call a common test case script with parameter passed from above page and it runs.
3.       Result report will print in the second page.


1.      1. Dynamically create test scripts based on the parameters passed in the first page. Else

2.      2.  Create a common test script which will work for all application for a single (given) page.

3.       3. If we not consider resource files (.js, images, css files), that mean, we are not testing real scenarios and the actual result and real time would not match.

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