How to generate test script programmatically?

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How to generate test script programmatically?

Ravi Kumar Maddi

Hi ,

     I found a good feature that gererate/record test script with TCPProxy Console tool. But I want to generate test script programmatically for a perticurar relative url from my applications.  In simple words,
I give input like below:
nead to test relative path: /mail/u/0/?shva=1#starred
user name:   user1
password:   password1
output filename:

file with contain the geterated test script for relative path " /mail/u/0/?shva=1#starred"

Please tell me is it feasible with grinder or not?
If yes, Please guide me how to do it?, I gone through the grinder documentation, but I am not able to find to do as above. 

I gone through nGrinder also, but i did not find generate/record test script procedure.

Thanks and regards,
Ravikumar Maddi,
[hidden email],
+ 91 - 9711221989

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