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Grinder Load Test Automation

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I am quite old to Grinder, but recently I am trying to automate the load test. Now i have partially automated the same with the below command, but since we know that Grinder works as Controller-Agent architecture, the below command is only initiating one Agent, and I am not getting any option to start another.

Basically i want to use two agent to define concurrency.

Any way out

java -classpath %CLASSPATH% -Dgrinder.script=C:\grinder-3.11\ -Dgrinder.processes=4 -Dgrinder.threads=10 -Dgrinder.runs=2 -Dgrinder.useConsole=false -Dgrinder.logDirectory="log/$(date +%y%m%d)" net.grinder.Grinder %GRINDERPATH%\